Rules, Garden Keys & Tradesmen Access



Our garden belongs to the Redcliffe Ward, the contact to report non urgent matters, anti-social behaviour is:

020 7161 8847

For non-emergency dial: 101

Only dial 999 for:

  • a serious offence is in progress or has just been committed
  • someone is in immediate danger or harm
  • property is in danger of being damaged
  • a serious disruption to the public is likely

Fire Brigade: 999

Ambulance: 999


Please read our Bye-Laws, they are posted on the Notice Board in the garden by the single gate. A new notice Notice Board Display will soon be added on the side of the double gates and another in the children's area.


  1. Access to the garden is is restricted to the Occupier of premises abutting or adjacent to the garden enclosure. Under the terms of the Kensington Improvement Act, 1851, 'Occupier" shall not include a Lodger or a Party in the occupation, a Tenant of Furnished House let for a less Period than One Year, but shall include the Party by whom such Furnished House is so let.
  2. No radio set, portable gramophone or any other instruments likely to cause noise or annoyance may be used in the garden. Residents are asked to use mobile phones with discretion.
  3. No person may pick up flowers or do damage to the trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, fences or garden furniture.
  4. No ball games may be played in the Gledhow Gardens' enclosure. The "no ball games" restriction applies as well to Frisbee games but Badmington games are allowed.
  5. No litter may be deposited in the garden. All litter, including bottles and cans, must be collected up and taken home.
  6. No toys or personal effects including bicyles may be left in the garden overnight.
  7. Dogs are not allowed in the garden at present.
  8. Bicycles, tricycles, prams etc., are allowed in the garden, provided that they are confined to the authoried footpaths and that they cause neither danger nor annoyance to others.
  9. The external gates must be never be left open or unlocked.
  10. No rugs may be beaten nor washing hung in the garden.
  11. Parents are responsible for keeping their children under proper control ensuring that they observe these rules and they do not make undue noise or in any other way interfere with the enjoyment of comfort of others. No children under the age of seven (7) should be left in the garden without proper supervision.
  12. No fire, barbecue, stove, or cooking appliance of any kind may be used in the garden and no party or assembly may take place in the garden without the prior consent of the Garden Committee on each occasion.
  13. Public garden furniture already in the garden must not be moved into the perimeter gardens.
  14. No temporary or permanent furniture apparatus awning shed stairway scaffolding shoring building or any structure whatsoever may be erected upon or placed on or encroach upon any part of the garden without the prior written consent of the Garden Committee.
  15. No access is allowed through the garden to builders or other tradespersons without the prior written consent of the Garden Committee. Such consent shall be subject to any reasonable terms and conditions that the Committee or their appointed Surveryor may consider appropriate.
  16. No person shall behave in the garden in a manner likely to cause annoyance to others
  17. No resident, other than trough the Chair of the sub-committee, shall seek to give directly or indirectly, any direction, order, or instruction howsoever to any contractor or person employed by the sub-committee for the purposes of discharging the sub-committee's duties of maintenance, management and regulation and other powers conferred on it under Kensington Improvement Act 1851, and any purported direction, order or instruction shall be a breach of these bye-laws.
  18. No resident, other than with the written consent of the Chair of the sub-committee (which shall be obtained in advance on each occasion) shall by itself or by anyone employed by that person, carry any works whatsoever in the garden square, including but not limited to, any pruning, planting, removal, alteration, or other changes whatoever, to any plant, shrub or tree, and any resident who violates this bye-laws, either by itself or by another person under his direction or control, shall reinstate the garden (or if it fails to do so the sub-committee shall reinstate the garden) to the extent that no such removal, alteration, or change had been made, and shall bear the costs incidental thereto as determined by the sub-committee in its absolute discretion, without prejudice to any other rights, remedies and penalties arising out of the said violation.  

I certify that this is a true copy of the Bye Laws Approved on 9th January 2018 
Resident Judge Blackfriars Crown Court: His Honour Judge Hillen

I certify that this is a true copy of the Bye Laws Approved on 9th January 2018
Chairman: Simon Ekins
Gledhow Gardens Management Sub-Committee.

Bye-Laws 16 and 17 were voted by the large majority present at the AGM held on 2nd March 2020.


Garden Rules additional to our Bye Laws

In the interest of all concerned here are further rules that need to be followed to make our garden an even more enjoyable place for all the residents.

  • Drinks:  Adults should be aware of their obligations as to our 8pm watershed hour. Discretion should be exercised when the hour is late whilst enjoying a drink in the company of friends.
  • Cigarette butts: In the interest of safety please do not leave cigarette butts on the paths and lawns or anywhere else in the garden. Portable ashtrays could be brought with you to the gardens if you are a smoker.
  • Mobile Phones: The use of mobiles should be discreet at all times. Pacing under people’s windows is inconsiderate particularly at weekends, late at night or in the early morning whilst being on mobiles.
  • Children: In accordance with Bye-Law 11, we are asking parents to make sure that children under the age of 7 are supervised at all times.
  • Hours of Play in the garden: During the day and after school times children have unlimited use of the garden, subject to the general rule (Bye-Law 11) that children are not to make undue noise.The 8pm watershed hour should be respected. At this time the residents are entitled to expect quiet throughout the garden. Similarly, there is a restriction on noise at the weekend before 10am. Parents must ensure that their children are under control at all times.
  • Use of the Children’s play area: It follows the 8pm watershed hour and the 10am as above.
  • Children Hut: Adolescents are not to sit in the hut as it is not designed to support their weight.
  • Picnic tables: Please do not occupy the tables for longer than is necessary or claim them by putting table cloth on them early in the morning to claim the tables prior to using them.
  • Food: Please do not leave any food unattended in the garden be it after you had lunch and the same applies for animal's food. This attract pigeons, magpies and crows and are detrimental to our smaller birds, it encourages foxes too in the garden.


 May we remind you that tree climbing is not allowed anywhere in our garden as a rule nor is jumping up catching low branches. This resulted in two lovely trees being damaged. We have provided the children with a climbing frame and a monkey ladder attached to the hut in the children's area. The equipment is to be used by young children (under parental/adult supervision) and is not meant for grown up or children over 12 and adolescents, nor should personal trainers using the garden be allowed to tie their equipment to any parts of the ladder (risers or bars) so, as not to weaken and put undue stress on the equipment. The Gledhow Gardens Committee declines all responsibility for accidents occuring as a result of using the equipment. Children up to the age of seven should not be allowed in the garden without the supervision of an adult.

Our most fragile trees are: the Magnolia in the north-west part of the garden and the Lilac tree, grafted with a privet at the bottom of it, is one very rare example of its kind in London and is found in the children's area. The latter has a knot in the trunk and a support that is frequently taken away by the children and discarded somewhere else in the garden. The branch is low and children love to sit or swing on it. This is a no-no, please don't let your children do this.

How to obtain your Garden Key for the Gledhow Gardens Enclosure

  • Only one key is provided per flat.

  • The deposit for the key is £200 as per January 1st 2019. Each key is registered in your name and is engraved with a unique number. A receipt will be provided to you when you collect your key. Please make your cheque to The Gledhow Gardens Garden Committee.

  • How to obtain your key: Residents wishing to obtain a garden key must be registered with the Town Hall for Council Tax and be in possession of a valid Council Tax bill for the Tax year. You will have to read all the Rules, Garden Guidelines, Garden Parties Guidelines and download the Bye Laws. Having done so, please write at the bottom of the page, "I have read these guidelines, rules and Bye-Laws and will strictly follow them". Date and sign your statement on the second downloadable form provided and return it with your Bye-Laws to the Secretary. Please make an appointment prior to collecting your key.

  • Proof of Entitlement to the key: Together with the council tax bill, further proof of identity will be required at the time you collect your key to ensure that you are a bona fide resident. These proofs include passports or driving licences. As a tenant, a copy of your Rental Agreement needs to be seen on the day and a copy provided if possible.

  • Loss of the garden key: You are required to report the loss of your key to the local police and the Secretary of the garden Sub-Committee. A replacement key can only be issued if you follow these steps. Garden keys are protected by a licence & patent which prevents keys from being duplicated.

  • Replacement of the key: Residents will be liable to pay £25 administration charge in addition to providing a further £200 deposit for the new key. The deposit is only refundable at departure upon return of the key and its original receipt.

  • Important note: Please, do not pass your key to a friend when leaving the area or giving it to a new owner when selling your property. Do not lend your key to a friend even if you are residing in Gledhow Gardens; your guests can only be in the garden if you are there yourself. The key is to be returned to the Secretary of the garden Sub-Committee. Do not return the key to the Landlord or the Estate Agents involved in your rental. When a person not entitled to use the garden is found in possession of a garden key, the Committee may change the existing lock on the gate, creating unnecessary expenses for the residents and great inconvenience to all. Do note that according to the Kensington Improvement Act 1851, tenants have to be on the square for a full year before being entitled to a garden key and vote at the AGM.
  • The Secretary can be contacted via the contact page or by e-mail at: -- Please kindly remember that we do manage the garden on a voluntary basis and avoid contacting us at weekends unless it is an emergency. Thank you.

Parties In The Garden – Rules 

In the interest of all the residents it has been decided that:

  • Parties: The Committee has agreed that there should be no more parties at the weekends due to noise disturbances. This Rule applies to both adults and children’s parties. A gathering of 8 people or more constitute a party.

  • Application for a Party: Requests for all parties should be addressed to the Secretary or the Chairman 14 days in advance, either via our email: or by letter to: The Secretary, 30 Gledhow Gardens, London SW5 0AZ, whichever is the most convenient for you. 

  • Schedule and duration of parties: No parties allowed at weekends as stated above, so as to preserve the peace and quiet enjoyment of the garden for all its residents. No parties to exceed two and a half hours (2 1/2hrs) including clearing time, respecting the watershed hours of 8pm as set in our "Garden Rules".
  • A returnable deposit will be required and retuned providing no damage to the garden occurred. The deposit will be worked out prior to permission being granted and depends on the number of people attending. No more than 5 children parties will be allowed from June to September. A maximum of 15 children is all that is allowed and they must be well supervied. If using an entertainer for your children's party no loud speaker allowed and no ball games of any sorts as per our Bye Law 4.
  • No Barbecues allowed in the garden: No fires or barbecues are allowed in the garden (Bye-Law 12) although you are very welcome to bring food and drinks with you to the garden. Remnants of food, empty cartons and bottles must be removed from the garden. Please note there are no bins in the garden due to problems with foxes and rodents. We would ask you to exercise care with broken glass and to let us know of any incidents so we could ensure that pieces of broken glass are removed for the safety of all. 

  • Music: As per our Bye-Law No. 2, no music may be played in the garden except during the summer party organised by the sub-committee for the residents.

The Gledhow Garden Management Sub-committee wishes you a good and enjoyable party on your authorised date.

Managing Agents & Tradesmen

All works scheduled for buildings abutting to the garden will require a deposit of £2,500 prior to scaffolding being erected on the property boundaries. The companies undertaking works need to show their insurance for damages and third party liability. A further non-refundable £400 must be paid for administration fee.

All surveyors needing to borrow a garden key to give access to their scaffolders and other tradesmen will be required to pay a £250 deposit for the key. This deposit will be returned upon return of the key. If the loss of a loaned garden key to tradesman, scaffolders, surveyors or managing agents occurs, the £250 deposit will be lost.

Scaffolding deposit will be returned on completion of the job, once the said scaffolding is taken down and the area properly cleared of builders/decorators remnants, provided of course that no damages have occurred to either plants, trees, border tiles or railings. Damages will be calculated as and if they occur. The Management Committee will require five working days prior to delivering the key back and another five working days will be required before returning deposits to allow the person in charge to inspect and submit their report to the Gledhow Gardens Committee & The Gardening Contractor for assessing damages if any.

Address to collect keys: Will be given when you make an appointment. In the meantime contact the Gledhow Gardens Garden Committee via our "contact" link or by e-mail at

Important note for surveyors & managing agents in charge of repairs or refurbishment:  Please strongly brief your workers about not leaving the garden gates opened and unattended. Ensure that all builders and decorators leftovers have been taken away on completion of the works.

Do not put empty paint cans and used brushes, planks or other builders' refuse in the gardeners' shed area. Thank you.

Film Crews & Photographers

Film Crews, their companies and all professional photographers require written consent from the Garden Committee prior to filming or photographing in our communal gardens be it for artistic or commercial filming purposes. All should be duly insured with a third party liability insurance.

The deposit and retainer required will depend on the number of days granted for the authorised filming/photographing.

Please contact us to get a quote and obtain approval using our e-mail address on the contact page. 


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