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JAZZ PICNIC PARTY: Sunday 3rd June, from 2.15 pm to 5.30 pm.

OPEN GARDEN SQUARES WEEKEND (OGSW): 9-10 June 2018 From 10am to 5pm.

BONFIRE PARTY: date to be advised later in the year. Usually November.



BONFIRE PARTY & FIREWORKS NIGHT (4th November 2017): Our bonfire night was well attended this year and a great success as always. The weather was dry and mild, but what really made the night so very special was the fantastic fireworks display, courtesy of Luke Richdale to whom we are greatly endebted, his generosity and fabulous masterful display was extraordinary this year again. The compliments came flowing in from the residents attending, the people watching from their houses, the people in the streets and I was told that quite a gathering of people were watching and applauding in Bolton Gardens on the street. "Stupendous display", "fabulous", "wonderful", "amazing" and much more superlatives were used, too many to list! I heard the food was excellent, the wine was flowing, the mulled wine was superb and the children had a grand time too. Thank you all for joining us on the night. Our thanks go as well to our young helpers on the day, Felix and Freja Richdale, his friend too and Romane Gouilliard, without forgetting our committee for their time and hard work.

GLEDHOW GARDENS SUMMER PARTY:  took place on 11th June 2017. The weather was good and all enjoyed the day. Our grateful thanks to Toby Brown and the TLC Tream for sponsoring our party and quenching our thirst on their lovely Proseco.

OPEN GARDEN SQUARES WEEKEND (OGSW): Our garden was open again on 17th and 18th June. The sun shone throughout the weekend it was a great success.

952 visitors came to Gledhow Gardens, an increase of 46 people on last year. All were delighted by our garden. Some visitors like us so much, they come back every year to enjoy our beautiful garden. We have had wonderful compliments, of note was the "Fernery" created this year that enchanted so many of our visitors. This was a successful occasion, a long list of compliments has been typed, alas too long to include here.

This year, like some gardens around us, we collected donations for the Grenfell Tower Fire disaster. £302.96 will go toward the charity dealing with the relief funds created. In our endeavour, we have been helped on Sunday by 3 young residents offering drinks to visitors, they donated all the proceeds to our fund. A big thank you to Estella, Manon and Camille for their help.




will be held held on: 


Please note that to comply with the Kensington & Chelsea Garden Improvement Act 1851, The Elected Committee holds a meeting annually for the Residents of Gledhow Gardens having established at least one year's residence.

Kindly confirm your attendance by email so as to allow us to provide adequate sitting arrangements on the night.

In compliance with the 1851 Act every year one third of the serving committee steps down and previously elected members re-present themselves for re-election if they so do wish. Votes take place by ballots for the serving members as well as for the residents duly nominated and seconded.

New Residents: Please note that there is only one vote per household for the election on the night.

Residents of Gledhow Gardens Council Tax Payers having established at least one full year's residence and wishing to stand for election of the sub-committee should send their nomination in writing, duly proposed by a serving committee member and seconded by another Gledhow Gardens Council Tax Payers, to reach the Secretary no later than (date to be advised) at Flat 2, 30 Gledhow Gardens, London SW5 0AZ.

Please send any points for discussion you want included in our Agenda, in writing, at the above address, to arrive no later than (date to be advised).


The Chairman                                                                The Hon. Secretary

16 Gledhow Gardens                                                     30 Gledhow Gardens

London SW5 0AY                                                           London SW5 0AZ &

Mobile: 07983 964994 for emergencies only.





  1. Apologies
  2. Minutes of last year's AGM
  3. Chairman's Report
  4. Gardener's Progress Report
  5. Treasurer's Report & fixing of the garden levy for the ensuing tax year
  6. Election of current officers to Sub-Committee for the current year & new noominees if any.
  7. Topics for the Agenda brought by residents and received in time for inclusion
  8. Re-appointment of the principal officers
  9. Any other business (A.O.B)
  10. Closing of the AGM 



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